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Terres Technology has been providing IT services for over 25 years. We are headquartered in the New York metropolitan region and serve companies based in the United States and other countries around the globe.

Terres Technology offers a broad range of IT services to our clients, including strategic analysis, software and hardware asset evaluation, architectural design, business intelligence, application development, training, technical writing and operational support. Our firm offers a portfolio of commercial products for financial service organizations that enhance customer support, operational support and online security. Raptor Security is our featured security product that prevents an unauthorized individual from accessing a secure website even if they fraudulently obtained valid credentials.

Since 1984 we have been developing high quality customized applications and providing highly skilled IT personnel to supplement our client's technical staff. Terres Technology has enabled clients to reduce costs, improve their services and grow market share. We are viewed as an organization of business consultants with an expertise in information technology. It is understood that our solutions are designed with a focus on the strategic goals of the organization and our projects are implemented with a recognition of your fiscal and scheduling constraints. The services we provide reflect our in-depth industry knowledge and our broad range of experience with current technology.

Our success is reflected by that fact that a high percentage of our business is repeat business from satisfied customers. Over time we have developed a knowledge base that covers a spectrum of technological disciplines. The sections below cover some of the IT related areas in which we are active.

To consistently develop quality business applications requires a team experienced in the different phases of application development led by project leaders with a history of success.

With a staff that includes project managers, business analysts, designers, skilled developers, QA and testing professionals, technical writers, system administrators, database administrators and operation personnel, all versed in current technologies and proficient in development methodologies, Terres Technology has the resources to ensure successful project completion.

One cornerstone of our approach is the employment of appropriate system development methodologies by knowledgeable project managers. This contributes to our record of consistently developing applications that meet or exceed client expectations. The development methodology used is determined in part by the project size and complexity and on the basis of our past experience. With experience using Agile Software Development, Joint Application Development, Prince2, Prototyping, Rapid Application Development, Rational Unified Process, Spiral Methodology and the traditional Waterfall Methodology, Terres Technology is well positioned to apply the best development framework to the development project at hand. To manage projects we use one of a number of project management tools to monitor the progress of projects, identify critical paths, track tasks, milestones, schedules, resources and project finances.

Probably at least as important as our technical skills and experience is our ability to listen to the client. We understand that the most technically compelling application has little value if it does not reflect the requirements of all the stake holders in the business. We therefore place great emphasis on the application's design, project plans and the acceptance of application prototypes.

Terres Technology is committed to providing outstanding IT services to the healthcare industry. Our Healthcare Services Division is headed by a physician experienced in IT technology and project management. The division supports the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of information technology and seeks to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and delivery of health care.

Adoption of IT implementation has been slowed by concerns relating to cost, complexity, privacy and security. And the introduction of a new IT environment often requires both cultural changes and changes to the organization's workflow. The Healthcare Services Division has been effective in addressing these concerns. The division and has completed well-received projects that have resulted in improved efficiencies and the delivery of enhanced patient care.

Some of the areas that the Healthcare Services Division has been involved include:

• Electronic prescribing and electronic health records

• Privacy and security of healthcare information

• Healthcare system management

• Clinical information

• Research and investigational support

In all instances the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of electronic health data is paramount and making data available across all systems results in reduced cost and more efficient clinical services.

We develop web-based applications of varying complexity. Our Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that have the functionality and characteristics of standard desktop applications but reside primarily on application servers (any client portion runs in a sandbox for greater security). These Internet applications are delivered either through browsers or using an RIA framework. For some clients Terres Technology has developed Internet applications using entirely freeware, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP under a Java Platform (Enterprise Edition) while for other clients we have used proprietary products.

We are conversant in client side coding including AJAX, Flash and Microsoft products and our server side coding has utilized ASP, ColdFusion, CGI, Java, PHP, Python and .Net. The development of these Internet applications frequently requires the use of a database. The databases we use in our development include DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase and Oracle. Recent development projects have taken advantage of cloud architectures to facilitate collaboration, sizing and resource availability.

Terres Technology has been supporting database technology since its inception and has a staff of recognized experts in the field. As the technology has evolved, Data Warehouses have become the central repository of the strategic information necessary to support the needs of decision-makers and other key personnel. The source of data to populate these collections of Data Marts is determined by careful analysis of their current and potential business use. Data Warehouse design and performance is verified prior to implementation by creating horizontal and vertical prototypes. Through the use of commercial and customized tools against the resulting Data Warehouse, new patterns can be uncovered leading to new business opportunities.

The support needs are met through the use of Pattern Discovery, Predictive Modeling, Multidimensional Analysis and Query and Reporting facilities. Successful Data Warehouses implementations have enabled our clients receive more accurate and timely information and through Data Mining they have uncovered new leads and business prospects.

An easy to use, highly flexible, rule based engine supports the construction of user defined alerts and facilitates inquires on current and historic transaction details and patterns.

The results of constructed rules are presented on the Harmony dashboard. The dashboard highlights those ATMs experiencing reduced usage thereby permitting immediate corrective action.

The Web sites we develop attract attention. They are designed for clarity, ease of use and offer wide user accessibility and range from a few pages for presentation purposes through complex Web portals with associated database applications and e-commerce functionality.

We apply the same principles and controls to Web development that we do in all our IT development. Some of the technologies we use are: Java, JSP, C, C++, HTML, XML, ASP, JavaBeans, CORBA, and middleware components on a range of servers. With our pool of talent, we have created award winning Web sites that address the business needs of our clients. On our staff we have talented graphic artists, recognized in their field, who have created peerless Web designs. Combining their talent with our experienced development team we offer cost effective Web site construction that clearly presents the message our client wants to convey to their customers and attracts new business opportunities.

Technical writers and trainers at Terres Technology focus on three guiding principles:

• Possess an intimate knowledge of the product or software in question

• Know the audience, their technical background, their expectations and their anticipated use of the product

• Communicate with the audience in a clear, well organized manner, providing practical examples and meaningful illustrations

Technical writing and training is a key feature of our service offerings and enables the client to take full advantage of our developed software and applications.

Mainframe applications are often the most critical applications in the organization. For many firms IBM zSeries machines represent the mainstay processors and are looked to for their outstanding reliability, availability and serviceability. Terres Technology has actively supported mainframe applications and associated technologies. Members of our staff are knowledgeable in TPF, VSAM, CICS, JCL and OS utilities, as well as coding languages and DBMS that are commonly used on mainframe machines.

Many of our clients depend upon older technologies to process their core operational systems. These technologies have proven to be stable and reliable components of their IT infrastructure. With decades of experience in the computer industry, we offer support in a wide range of technologies which include non-relational databases and less frequently used programming languages.

Client/server technology facilitates the dissemination of meaningful information quickly and accurately. The use of server based relational databases and powerful yet flexible front-end tools have contributed to the pervasive use of this dynamic technology. To ensure that the benefits of using client/server technology will not be diminished due to flawed design, deficiencies with the infrastructure, or inadequate software controls, offer a complete range of technical services. These services include: LAN / WAN hardware & software installation, remote support, disaster recovery, communication & routing protocols, support and migration, project administration and management.

Terres Technology is based in Glen Cove, NY, USA.  We develop applications and provide consulting support to institutions worldwide.

We would like to provide you with additional details about our services.  Kindly send us an email at info@terrestech.com.

Our client base ranges from some of the largest organizations in the business sectors listed to smaller organizations with a need for exceptional IT services.

Many of our staff members are subject matter experts in specific business disciplines. For example, one can find individuals versed in retail banking, fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, credit, risk and portfolio management.

Our work in the public arena includes engagements at the local, state and federal levels. For major public sector assignments Terres Technology has, depending on the assignment, served as either the primary vendor or as the principle subcontractor.

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